Saturday, 11 May 2019

The look creeps

Nevena Božović

And hello hello to Serbia, previous home of the seedy turbofolk lego man, that man with big hair singing about his shoes, and best of all, the subversive romany lesbian that swept to victory in 2007 and caused the Belgrade mayor to have to retrain his entire police to be more "tolerant". Eastern Europe stealing our points? Same sex relationships? Gypsies? Daily Mail island almost relaunched the Balkan conflict overnight.

You look sad and lonely, is something wrong tonight

Image result for san marino heart eurovisionSan Marino
Say Na Na Na

Bless. The entire population of San Marino - Eurovision's smallest participant - could fit inside Expo Tel Aviv, and still leave room for the shawarma stalls. They first entered back in 2008 in Serbia with a man that looked suspiciously like 80's illusionist David Copperfield - but it came last with 5 points in the Tuesday night semi. Apparently I was there, but I suspect on listening to it back that at the time I was trying to find a drink, the toilet or my will to live.