Saturday, 11 May 2019

The look creeps

Nevena Božović

And hello hello to Serbia, previous home of the seedy turbofolk lego man, that man with big hair singing about his shoes, and best of all, the subversive romany lesbian that swept to victory in 2007 and caused the Belgrade mayor to have to retrain his entire police to be more "tolerant". Eastern Europe stealing our points? Same sex relationships? Gypsies? Daily Mail island almost relaunched the Balkan conflict overnight.

Mooooooollliiiiiiiitvaaaaa. What a tune! The English version is titled "Destiny", the Russian version is titled "Молитва" (Molitva), and the Finnish version is called "Rukoilen" and was performed by the Beauty Queens, not Marija. The song has also been released as a dance remix and a remix named "Jovan Radomir mix" by Swedish TV-presenter Jovan Radomir, who also wrote the English lyrics. An instrumental version has also been released as well as a karaoke version. But best of all the UK oompah band "Oompah Brass" recorded an instrumental version of "Molitva" on their album Oompocalypse Now (2008) which premiered at the 2007 Belgrade Beer Festival!

This year they could have sent "Lani i Aldo" singing a sort of female Meatloaf number with lyrics like "The dream, and the same dream, and every day it's the same dream, day is like a dream and the same day was like a dream, I dreamed that I was a new day, it's time to wake up as soon as possible " or even "Mr Doo" singing "Mr Doo", but unlike the singer, dodged a bullet - instead selecting a standard issue Balkan ballad being belted out by Nevena Božović, who came third with a turd in 2007's Junior Eurovision singing a standard issue Balkan ballad with a beret, and then represented Serbia in 2013 as a third of "Moje 3" singing what sounded like it was going to be a standard issue Balkan ballad until it turns into something from an S Club Juniors album thirty seconds in, although to be fair the Juniors probably wouldn't have sung "Your heart will be just fish food" in stripper gear.