Friday, 4 May 2018

We should all see the beauty of the precious gifts we have

The Humans

And so to another of those pesky Eastern European countries that Wogan started off gently parodying and latterly openly hated before being bundled off to his nursing home.

There's no helping them sometimes. I seem to spend half my life on social media or round the dinner table at Christmas convincing people that they are not here to sponge off us or take all the social housing or block up the M4. For crying out loud, you muppet. A massive majority of European immigrants are here to work, paying taxes that you try to dodge and doing jobs we need for a wage that you would never take, leaving behind family and friends to build a better life.

But then the other year it came out that Romanian national broadcaster TVR had been trying to sponge off the rest of us by not paying their EBU affiliation fee for a bloody decade, a crisis which reached such a head that they kicked the Romanians out of the contest! FFS.

The Humans
To try and top up the budget, this year's Selectia Nationala went full on phone voting, which was all fine until fan fave Feli started to drop back in the live on screen results to third. Sensing that they were on a hiding to nothing, her ardent fans then took to facebook to urge everyone to vote for the third place plod along that is "Goodbye" just to spite Alexia & Matei. And the result is that a plodding 80s soft rock track snuck through. Meh.

Romania! I ask you. Do you remember that time when Ovi off of Romania put his head through a piano toilet seat and started tinkling with the rim?